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Free shipping on all orders

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We believe that life is as colorful as we make it…

Be a welcomed guest to our virtual spot of integrated craft traditions with the modern time.

Take a tour, dive into the magic of colors and bring joy to your day.

There is no color “Tango” in reality. Our fantasy and wish to give all colors a common name was inspired by the fascinating tango dance. Why tango dance…? It’s multi-layered, tender and soft, flirting and daring, emotionally colorful and touching…just like the great variety of color combinations and hues incorporated in our handmade products.

We are Minna and Zdrafi, the duo behind our color-flavoured craft atelier. In a world when a nanosecond-old tweet is passé, and things flow by in a constant stream that erodes attention spans, time stamps are irrelevant. What really is important is meaning, touching little moments and delight ! (Such a wonderful words and state of mind that makes you smile inside and out!). And that’s the raison d’ être for Color-Tango in the virtual crafty universe.

Explore our little shop where you can linger, discover, share and be delighted by what you find and make yours – or give to someone else!
All our products are being inspired by objects and colors in nature. Many things in our opening collections were passionately recommended by friends and family. So, don’t be shy! Share your ideas. If you are looking for something special, give us a category and some direction, we’ll come up with design suggestions! Such a fun, isn’t it!

Meet our team

Zdrafi : Author of Arctic Squirrel products

A nature-lover at heart, I’m freak on outdoor activities and I don’t understand the question “Beach or mountains..?” when you can have both:) Travelling, exploring, variety and motion are what drive my life forward.

My pickiness to beanies while actively practising mountaineering, climbing and winter sports triggered my wish to find the right hat for each activity. This is how I started the journey in the world of yarns and knitting techniques that made me searching and experimenting with different materials and shapes. As a consequence, my brand Arctique squirrel was born. Functionality, comfort, yarn quality and color combinations are what I’m always focusing on. Each yarn used in my knitted beanies passes  personal testing in different conditions – high altitude, windy or wet weather, intensive body activity.

Knitting sporty models by mixing vivid colors corresponds the best to my soul and personal vibes but I found that crafting street style hats gives different hues of pleasure to my everyday life.

Knitting is a hobby that fits the right piece in the puzzle of my life, it’s not my main source of living. Enjoying the act of knitting itself and the pleasure of it is what I really like. It brings inspiration to create unique and tailor-made products for each individual without being forced to pursue quantity or mass production. And the result is amazing – smily and joyfull faces wearing my warm funny hats or… just people who got inspired to start knitting and turn it out to their “active meditation” for slowing down the pace of our busy daily life.

Passing on the positive emotion of things I make truly and from the heart – this is what brings meaning to everything I do. It’s worth it!

Minna: Author of Donanobile Products

After living long time abroad and coming back to my homeland I was inspired to bring the art of travel to life by creating unique silk memories influenced by the harmony of nature in the world. My passion to silk made me spread its simple yet exquisit beauty by establishing Donanobile brand on the market. 

Art has meaning. Design has function. I combine two in my colorful range of hand-painted scarves. They can travel with you, inspire you at home or be shared with others.

Silk fascinates with its softness and shine.  All pieces have a colorful story shaped on it by my creative energy, love and care.  They keep the memories of every spontaneous adventure I said “yes” to, every endless night spent under unfamiliar stars, every new connection and conversation that changed the way I see the world. Such experiences fire my imagination, feed my soul and reflect on the beauty and tenderness of my scarves.

My limited edition silk scarves are made using very high quality materials. They can be worn in endless combinations: tied in the hair, wrapped around the head as a silk headband, as a silk head scarf, a cool silk turban, a silk bandana, tied around the neck, shoulders, around the waist, wrists, ankles, belts and purses for an original, confident and creative fashion statement. Dress it up or down, bring it out on the town, and wear it your own way. The only limit is your imagination.